Having troubles in making a wireless connection with your TP-LINK Modem Router?

If a person wants to connect the TP-Link router with the device, then there may be a few issues that could make your initial setup difficult. Many people have issues with the proper connectivity as well as range of the router is not appropriate. If you want to set up Chromecast for the first time, then surely you need to consider few things that will help you in making the device run smoothly.

Chromecast support is provided for the sake of customer’s proper help. If you are using a Mac book or any Windows tablet, then you need to just follow few steps. First of all make sure that both your device as well as router is connected to power supply. Now connect your streaming device with the router through a wireless connection. Make sure that router’s range is good enough for the connectivity to take place.

How to check for the proper range of the router and its configuration?

Once you ensure that your router is connected to the internet service provider’s cable, then you need to connect a secondary wireless device to check the internet connectivity. You can easily connect your iPad, iPhone or any other Android device to check the connection. If the internet is working fine, you may proceed further to connect the Chromecast.

At any stage if you feel that you are unable to tackle all this procedure at your own, you can freely get in touch with the support team anytime at www Google com Chromecast setup and search for Chromecast set up page. Here you can get the best possible solution for all your doubts.

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